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 Thank you!  for browsing my price list, Worldwide Delights

The list is sorted into two sections:

1. By country name in alphabetical order
2. Topical issues grouped by subject

To navigate the list use the Price List matrix located at the left and at the top of each listing page.

Delights includes a nice variety of sets & single issues and features:

     Good Prices
     Buyer Satisfaction
     Issue Descriptions
     Attractive Discount
     12,000+ Scanned Stamps
     A Convenient Shopping Cart

     L i s t   F e a t u r e s

 Good Prices

Prices are based on the Scott Catalogue and except for a low minimum value are generally marked down to:
   ♦   40 to 60%  Mint, Never Hinged
   ♦   40 to 55%  Mint, Hinged
   ♦   40 to 60%  Used

 Attractive Discounts

An additional 10% discount is offered on a filled, one-of-a-kind order over $100.

 Buyer Satisfaction

Order with confidence.

No sale is final unless YOU are satisfied with the stamps you receive.

 Quick Online Ordering

Submit your order using my Shopping Cart or your e-mail.

In response I will PROMPTLY confirm the items available and total amount due.

For a further description of my ordering processes click here.

 Online Payments

Online credit card payments are accepted only if processed through the PayPal System

 Easy Browsing

The listing includes 10,000+ scanned stamp images.

To view an image just click-on its picture icon. There are TWO types:

 Example of Issue    Catalogue Picture
This picture provides an example of the issue offered;

 WYSIWYG / What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get    Inventory Picture
This picture shows the actual stamps available and sent if ordered.

 Internet Viewing

Due to my presentation a DIAL-UP connection is not recommended for viewing the price list.


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